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Originally Posted by BlindBandit View Post
I have two days with the X series & i can tell you that the X series spec Sony post about the video in AVC is a lie, i encode video in 432x240 @CRF 16 in Ripbot264 & my video quality is just stunning, it's like a mico HDTV set in your hand. also it can do 480x272@ 30fps fine in 2-Pass@ 1.5mb or CRF 16 but if you want the best IQ & file size then CRF 16 is for you but this is 1-Pass & make the job more faster & file size can be small from 151mb to 220mb or more if it's a 2hr 30min movie, it can be like 800mb to 900mb but the IQ is just too great. same goes with the 2-Pass in IQ but in 2-Pass you can pick what size of the movie you to be but the IQ still be good as long it's in 768k in 2-Pass mode.

Oh yeah, you don't need to buy no encoding program for the X series because you can get it for free,

Update: for Roadstr & h1a8, i upload a X series video trailer using my profile for Ripbot264 & 432x240@24fps & 1.53mb for VQ.

Also Don't forget to set up the X series OLED screen to 5 so you can see the OLED screen in action
Thank you so much. It wasn't that I didn't believe him (I was hoping that its true) it was just that I don't have one and others have said the contrary and I didn't want to get my hopes up high only to be disappointed.

Thank you for the confirmation though. I might consider the Sony then. I'll wait a little though to see if they drop the price some. I can do this since the Zune is coming. If it wasn't then I would just have to pay the price for this dream player (minus the flac or wma lossless support).

Lastly, I never really could tell the difference in video quality from 1 pass vs. 2 pass. Maybe this is because I always encode my videos with high bitrate (at least 1mb/s). So with AVC I can encode up to 1.5mb/s with 1 pass for Sony? Is that correct? And only 768k only with 2 pass right? What is CFR or CFR 16? Thanks!

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