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Hi Lueej,

Sounds like you've got some serious issues here. Have you tried removing the battery from the player and plugging it in to your comp without the battery in it? I only say this because I'm wondering if you can access the drive on your explorer it in MSC mode. I might have a couple of troubleshoots if you can.<O</O

If you've done a drop of sansa.fmt onto the player, I'd imagine that you can access it through explorer, so here's a couple of possible fixes (remember these fixes are for windows #1, and #2, these are for XP and Vista operating systems)<O</O

1. If you can access the player in MSC mode, then right click on the drive that the player is listed as. Go to 'Properties'. There should be tabs running across the top of the properties box. Click on 'Tools'. There should be a tab that says, 'Error Checking', click on that. That'll scan the drive for errors and once that's been completed, should give you the option to fix those errors. That should clean up the problem. But...if that doesn't work, try 2.<O</O

2. Right click on the drive. There should be an option that says "<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:address w:st="on">Format Drive</st1:address></st1:Street>" or "Format..." clicking this should reformat the drive and wipe it clean of any errors and anything within the original filing hierarchy. I have a E280 and that worked once for my player when it was mildly corrupted. Of course I later encountered an error where the drive couldn't even get through the reformat, so if the drive can't get through the reformat, I recommend option 3.<O</O

3. Note down which drive the player is listed as, E:, or F:, depending usually.<O</O
After you've done that, pull up the 'Run' function on the start menu, just above the shut down button.<O</O
Once you've pulled up the run box, type in this command.<O</O

chkdsk x:/f (x: is the drive that the Sandisk is listed as, like E:, or F: or whatever)<O</O

Those are all the options I've got for you, but it sounds like quite the issue. Hopefully that works. Also, if none of these options work, I'd recommend hitting up Sansa's website. They have a really good forum and some of the guy's and gals on there are masters of Sansa fixes. So if none of these work, try hoping on that forum and see if anybody can help you out there.
Good luck!
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