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Whoa, those head phones are huge!! ... Hmm, wonder if I can find them off the shelve somewhere for a try..

As for formats, I believe it comes up short against the Korean/Chinese based players. I've lifted this off the site..


I've almost everything in Mp3, with only a few flac files, but for me, the thing that bugged me the most with the Toshiba was the gaps. It really was a killer for me, so much so that when I lost my gigabeat, I went looking for alternatives, even an ipod.. And i waited till the cowon was released before I bought this even.. (hoping that cowon would do gapless)..

The sound settings are quite extensive. You can even custom your settings (there are some tuning functions and store them as presets) to suit the headphones that you have on. I only have 1 good head set though, but I'll give it a whirl anyways vs my mx-500's.

It also has a studio setting that you can turn on to dispense with all the need for any tweaking and use what they think is the best (re: my default).

So, gapless support for mp3's. Pan (if what you meant was fast-forward and rewind?).. Don't think there is balance as I didn't come across that function yet.

Pros - Gapless playback. Nice sounding DAP. Can drive quite a few bigger headsets (higher impedance) without a portable amp (has enhanced volume that you can turn on or off, studio setting has it on).. I've tried a few headphones before deciding on the ATH-A900's.. Will see if I can get my hands on a Sony test piece after work. Cheaper than a nano.

Cons - Looks cheap with that white ugly looking protective cover (everyone else has cooler looking DAP's). As with any none ipod DAP, it takes a while to get accessories. Video support is there, but I think next to useless with the screen res and size. Battery life isn't fantastic and is considered a weak point. 8 Gig of storage (Not a problem for me)..

I might hazard to say that it isn't an everyman player, but is specific to those that have a list of must have's.

- Good/Superlative Sound (relative)
- Gapless
- No sonicstage (Stupid Sony still peddles them in Japan, whereas in the rest of the world it's gone!) or any other crap interface software
- Some ability to drive higher impedance phones (as compared to your standard el-cheapo ear-buds)

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