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Default Firmware DOWNGRADE?

I have just spent over two hours in Windows (yuck!) trying to figure out the problem about ogg files... It would appear as if:
  1. WinAmp can't determine if the Clix does indeed support Ogg files, and...
  2. WMP11 (which got to work by applying some updates) does not even recongize the files of the library... BUT PLAYS THEM JUST FINE?!?!?!

I'm trying to figure out how did Amarok made it so that when I first tried to send the files with it, it actually created the directories, and even made it so that the library of the Clix did see the Ogg files and all was peachy (as peachy as it can be with Linux and MTP ), I'm really confused now... Ever since I upgraded the firmware on the Clix I don't seem to be able to even attempt a failed sync with Amarok, which is frustrating to say the least (as I now know how to send the files over, but I just need the entries for the library to be aware of such folders!)... So apprently I'll have to perform a DOWNGRADE... Is that possible/safe/etc?

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