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thanks for the replies, dudes

i got this thing up and running and am finding my way through it fine. i love the EQ. its got such fine settings. this is my best sounding mp3 player now. or at least the most full sounding. fantastic bass, treble, midrange. all my music sounds GREAT

i also like the way you can have the scroll light shut of quickly. idk if you could do that with the original firmware, but its far too bright in a darker space. so 3 seconds is long enough

games, cool clock, file browsing, complete control of you music library. detailed battery use, run time monitor, calculator, and i know there must be more. a BUNCH of sound settings

needless to say i will always "Rockbox" from now on

now i am going to look into that cover flow thing and themes with BIGGER fonts. many of these fonts are just too tiny / small. although atm i am using a "bold" one with the Redline theme and its fine. so i might stay with it. still, bigger is sometimes better so i gotta check it out
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