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Originally Posted by Puer View Post
My videos do not visibly stutter...if I put a poor quality video on my looks crappy...if i put a good quality file looks good...but the unit is still limited by 800x resolution...nothing I can do will make it look any better if I video out straight from the device to a has its limitations for resolution...thats all I was saying. Non of my DVD vids stutter on any of my units....Ive had the 504 and currently the 605 & 705. Sounds to me like you and Anonova are just too damn picky for a 4 1/2 inch PMP w/ a limitation of 800x resolution. All I can say is...ive never ahd a problem w/ DVD's on my units..ive got plug ins for all 3.
Here's the thing though. You are confusing two different things. You keep talking about resolution ... that has nothing to do with frame rate. Yes, of course the Archos is limited by an 800x resolution (which isn't actually a limitation when it comes to DVDs, since they are 720x480.)

I'm happy with the resolution of my Archos. It is the frame rate that is a problem, when playing material encoded at 30 fps ... like vob files.
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