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Default my p2 is not working

Hi I bought a p2 today and I connected it to my mac and transferred some songs by using XNJB and it work well. Later on, when I was walking, listening to music with the p2 in my pocket, there were some strange noices and since then it won't respond. The screen is all black. However the blue light is flashing every 2-3 seconds. I have tried to press the reset button but it does not help.

When I try to connect it to my computer nothing happens.

Does anyone have an idea about what has happened?
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is teh hold button up?
try reseting it again or maybe just delete all the songs form the computer
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yeah it's not put on hold. I cant remove the songs 'cause it doesnt react as I connect it to my computer. I am going back to the shop where I bought it and I will try to get a new one tomorrow because I dont want to wait for it to be repaired or anything.
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I`m having the exact same problem right now. I`ve had this thing for over a year now (I think) and this is the first time this has happened.
I just finished charging it (during which everything seemed normal) and then, like he said, the player became totally unresponsive.

Blank screen, uneffected by any of the buttons (including holding the power button), and uneffected by USB. All the while, that blue LED just keeps blinking. The only thing that does anything is when I switch the hold on, the LED flashes red twice, then back to blue.

So basically, it`s on (according to the flashing blue LED), but I can`t see anything on the screen, and can`t hear anything through the headphones, and I can`t turn it off, and the buttons and USB cable are not helping at all. The only thing I haven`t tried yet is the reset button because I was hoping I wouldn`t have to lose all my songs, but based on what qwerty said, that probably won`t help anyway.

So, any suggestios?
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Hitting the reset button on the back of your P2 will NOT delete all your songs. The only thing that would was if you reformatted the memory, which you'd do through the P2's menu. Hit the reset button on the back of the P2 using a safety pin or an undone paperclip. If that doesn't work, you'll just have to let the battery run down, and then charge it up again and see if it'll be back to normal.
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get alittle needle or paperclip, and push the hole in the back of the P2 and push it for 3 seconds then let it go.. should boot back up.
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Mac? That's your problem. You have corrupt files on your P2 and/or a corrupt files allocation table. 99% of the complaints like yours are associated with Macs, and because you unplugged it before the Mac was done with it. A format should get it working again, and then reinstall your media. Then make sure you eject it securely before unplugging it, or better yet don't use it on a Mac again.
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The same thing happened to me on a beta firmware and all I had to do was let the battery run all the way out and charge it up again. See if that works
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blue light, not working, p2

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