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Originally Posted by Rento View Post
So I ordered the dang thing from earlier today only to find that I can't cancel the order a few hours ago (they've already billed my bank account... they sure are quick )

Reason why I want to cancel is the amount of complaining and negative stuff. I mean it IS a proven fact that more people will make threads about complaints than threads about positive feedback, why? Because they just want to keep to themselves and enjoy their stuff. I understand.

But some of the certain things people complain about, such as the wi-fi being kinda cruddy. External speakers being utter fail only to have the headphones fairly weak regardless of what they plug in.

Than theirs the failure rate... People saying their Archos doesn't want to turn on, won't charge, or dies quickly only after a week of possession.

Also, every bit of feedback in this thread helps... And be serious.

So who can dissuade me from losing out on a potential epic win or perhaps even help me get this potential pin in my rear end out.
I don't have a 605 but I do have an Archos 404, a 504 and a 705. I also have a very old Archos Jukebox that I bought about 10 or 12 years ago.

I like them a lot. I did get a defective 705 from Amazon and they replaced it and paid for overnight shipping both ways and I'm real happy about that. Other than that I've been real happy with them. They're first rate players in my opinion.

For what it's worth I also have a couple of Zen Vision W's that I got about the same time. I prefer the speakr on the ZVW because it's louder but other than that I think the Archos players are as good. I use these for videos and they all do a great job.

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605 wifi, car player

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