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Default Sony X serie Now in spain

Yesterday Sony store In several places in Spain recived the X series
x-1050 in black will cost about 271 euro 16Gb
and they will later get X-1060 with 32 Gb

So far no news about The red one
Has the red been released anywhere in Europe?

The price seem aceptable however it cost 50 euro more than Samsung that is selling for 229 euro 16Gb
Problem with samsung is little stock so still impossible to get the P3 in stores it has stayed for "Reciving P3 soon" for 2 months on Shops retail order list

The X-1050 might still take a month or so until being released in shops outside Sony stores.

I think i will try both to see which is best
but sony way of lowering the volume (eu-regulation) bothers me and make me think X-1050 will suffer the same crippling as previous walkmans which plainly sucks

In other words if Red is avaible in Usa and Japan soon it might be better to import it to get a louder sound

1. Does it has Speaker like Samsung P3?
2. Does it has FM recording ?
3. Anywhere in the world to get the Red version?
4. X-1050 has Oled screen like P3 (I havent read reviews yet)

I will give both X1050 and P3 a chance when trying them in shop this summer
Now if Sony has crippled the sound volume on this one too as they use too I better off with a P3 or online order a S9
P3 probaly has high volume which i enjoy

On the bright side is about time Sony release a touch player

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