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Default E5 better than you think...

I got mine in 3 days, $24 shipped from hassles. Its a $22 amp....sooooo, I wasn't expecting much. Have to say the E5 is a nice well thought out package. At higher gain settings the unit does add a noticeable hiss, but doing as Marvin said above to dial it in has yielded great results. The sound is appreciably more crisp, full and slightly warmer in all ranges. The bass boost augments the low frequencies without muddying the sound. Midbass is defined and crisp, highs are clean and clear without adding shrillness. The E5 preserves source SQ without adding distortion, giving you more defined sound at lower volumes and additional power to drive higher-end cans. Worth every penny and more....just my opinion...
DAP: Teclast T51
Amp: Bellari HA540, Fiio E5
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