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Originally Posted by morfic View Post
I love graphs too, but in a subjective field like audio they do not tell the whole story, RMAA would show you higher distortion for a tube amp than a SS amp, would you then say a SS amp is better because of that?
Yes absolutely. If I want effects I'll use a DSP. Then at least I can turn it off when I don't need it.

Originally Posted by morfic View Post
I got the suggestion a good amp on good phones and a good player can give you the "last 5%",
Or it can take it away. If you pick the right example it could make things a lot better, do nothing at all, or make things worse.

Originally Posted by morfic View Post
it's just that it too is way too general, it can be the last 5-15% to me at least un RMAA proven, subjectively enjoyed.
Maybe you shouldn't make fun of WalkGood's grammar just yet

My one thing is .......those HD201's, the specs do suggest that they would be easy to're absolutely correct on that . But in reality,they are not easy to drive.....the specs in their case are really misleading. It takes 50% of the max volume with a Clip to get a moderate listening level in a quiet room, with the EQ at Normal. With a favorite song, a lot of people would max the volume.
That guy asked about improving quality though, not increasing the volume. I assume he probably had a player that went a little louder then the clip (which is a bit quieter then most at 0dB).

Now I admit I only listened to the HD201s on a PC so volume wasn't a problem for me. But still given that an E5 is almost as expensive, I'd recommend he buy new headphones in order to get better sound. A fiio is just going to give him 3dB of bass boost and some extra volume he probably doesn't really need.
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