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Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
I don't really agree with this. ... ... ...
Not really sure what you don’t agree with, the players that sacrifice sound statement, the proper encoding of tunes or the headphones you use statement o_O

But the statements I made above make perfect sense to me and I’m not talking about pairing with a $20.00 cheap amp. The two amps I own work fine and certainly add the demension I like to my phones ... Either way, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but if you get a chance to use a good amp you might think differently. Finally, I see you quoted me fine, but you did miss the most important point I made:
Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
… … … Although I still believe that if your cans are crappy, you should first look to invest into a decent set of headphones, rather than spending money to amplify the crappy headphones louder. Plus a headphone amp can not reinsert what has already been removed.
BTW, I didn't stick this thread, only suggested it ...

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