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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
Some players sacrifice the sound output for size, battery life or other reasons, thus making portable amps a good option. Two important things to keep in mind that affect the overall sound quality are the file format you use to encode your music and the headphones you use, both make a bigger difference in performance than most will admit. Either way, a good portable headphone amp should transform weaker players into more powerful portables that deliver a richer, fuller sound quality.
I don't really agree with this. Most players get little or no benefit from an amp using typical headphones no matter the format nor quality of the amp. Amps only make sense for very specific players paired with certain headphones. Probably 90% of the threads I see here involve people pair up players and headphones in ways that at best do nothing, or in a lot of cases probably sound worse then no amp at all.

An amp is something that goes with a very highend pair of headphones, or that addresses a very specific deficiency in a certain player when used with particular headphones. Pairing them up randomly with cheap headphones makes no sense at all to me. Most people would do better to spend the money on better headphones then an amp.

Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
Here are some of my thoughts, please post up yours and I’ll add or edit the list, give credit and if it comes out good, we can stick it.
See my post here:

Its basically just a summary of dftk's amp testing results, but still easier then digging through a pile of charts. Actually that thread has some good info in it, even if it got trolled to hell.
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