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Originally Posted by DaveMac-MS View Post
How do you rate the sound quality from your speaker docks over Bluetooth? What format is your source content in, and what quality level speakers do you have? Cheers, Dave.
It depends on the speaker dock, but my Philips bluetooth dock which also has an aux-in sounds to me the same via bluetooth or wired in. I've got a couple of ipod dock bluetooth adapters, and my Insignia adapter (no longer made), with my Samsung P2 via bluetooth, sounds better via bluetooth than it does with my iPod Touch playing the same songs while docked.

Music is, in all cases, 320kbps MP3 ripped from original CDs. I get the best results using the Griffin Evolve speakers, which is a little surprising since via a bluetooth adapter there are two radio pathways to traverse.

Lastly, I have a Sony Bluetooth transceiver hooked into the MD-in of my Sony home theater amp. Music from my P2, P3, Cowon S9, or SPINN to the amp>speakers this way sounds the same as listening to the same songs on the original CDs playing through the amp's CD input. I'm not trusting my own ears here. My wife can't tell the difference between sources. No guests at my house who have listened to assorted jazz playing through two 6" Yamaha outdoor speakers and a 12" subwoofer (for 2.1) on my deck have been able to tell the difference either. I have a remote for the amp used, and a P2 in my hand. I can switch the amp from the bluetooth input to the CD player while outside among my guests. More than once I've asked them if they could tell the difference, and gotten as many wrong guesses as right ones, with a similar number of "can't tells".

None of these situations are soundproof audio recording studios. Parties on the deck are blessed with nature sounds (mostly birds), neighbor sounds (often lawn mowers or blowers), and mild traffic sounds in addition to the normal party conversation hum. In my office music is accompanied by the whir and click of my PC and it's fans.

My point? Bluetooth is about convenience, and if there is a quality reduction when using it, that reduction is unperceivable or irrelivent in the conditions the music is being enjoyed in.

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