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So here is the equation of $300 sony player = $280 ipod touch player at 16gb:

100 free music downloads + tactile buttons + better SQ (including custom eq) + noise cancellation + better headphones + radio + drag and drop + audio input =apple apps +$20 + larger/res screen + better wifi + speaker + video out ability.

Does this seem equal? If not then which side (right or left) has higher value?

Here is my breakdown:
Personally, with great headphones (like se530) the better sq of sony over the touch and noise cancellation for sony becomes miniscule. The se530 isolates great to nearly equal any active noise cancellation features. On the bus or train I can't hear a thing outside of my music.

The app feature for ipod is so strong that makes the touch easily able to replace a $200-$400 pocket pc. My axim x50v pocket pc has been collecting dust for quite a while now. I mean it has from books, to games, to very useful utilities, to etc. The gaming is not too far off of a psp (that's saying a lot). I know I have stopped playing my psp in place of the ipod games (I can't speak for everyone though).

I should have considered both screens for video to be equal in the equation since sony has the good oled feature and ipod has a larger screen with better resolution.

I don't use the radio (useless to me) since I would use a Sony player to hear top quality sounding music and not horrible radio quality (64kbps). To me this defeats the purpose. To some a radio may be worth a little extra, I don't know.

Sony coming with better headphones and having a noise cancellation feature (only for the included headphones) is totally worthless to me since I already have (as do any audiophile) some premium headphones that not only sound better than the included phones but have great passive noise cancellation. The active noise cancellation feature seriously drains the battery which also makes it value go down for long plane trips. As far as the non audiophile, most think the ipod sounds great (trust me I asked many people who own ipods).

The only features I feel that indeed have worth for the sony is the drag and drop feature, the added play, pause, skip tactile buttons, and the 100 free music downloads (although there are many who download illegally for free). But to me the app ability of ipod along with the better wifi, speaker, and the extra saved $20 clearly blows those Sony advantages away (especially the extra saved $20, lol).

If sony offered a model with no wifi capability but was about a $100 cheaper then I would be all on it. I don't need another device with wi-fi (a bad one at that). I have 3 already, not counting my computers. If Sony plan to make money by introducing an app feature of their own then it is to their benefit to knock a significant amount off the price just to get it in more peoples hands (like what apple did to the iphone) in order to make a better profit on apps. I think this is why the PSP is relatively cheap.

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