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Default New version Summer 2009!!!

An update on Zenses

The new version of Zenses is in development at the moment, after a change of heart its being wrote with QT4.5 rather than XULRunner and XPCOM. I made this decision after spending a few weeks trying to get a prototype working correctly, but the lack of documentation on XPCOM made it a bit of a headache. QT is actually turning out to be really nice, and im regretting not using it in the first place, but mistakes are made to learn so onwards and upwards. I noticed on the group there are a few people asking questions about support for various devices and the current state of the new Zenses so I thought I would spend some time to post an update.


Zenses v2 will be a big improvement on the old application, all the device tracks will be stored in an internal SQLite database allowing you to quickly fetch tracks into Zenses and then scrobble later on. I decided to implement this so that the device could be released from the application and memory which will hopefully provide a nicer user experience. The times between scrobbles will be adjustable to provide more user customisation, scrobbling to multiple accounts will also be possible, though one played track will only be allowed to scrobble to one account.

Some of the suggestions from the forum thread will be used but most likely will not appear in the earlier versions of the new release as I’m trying to release as quickly as possible.

Device Support

When Zenses hits beta it will have support for many devices, a lot more than the current version. The first release will most likely only contain support for MTP devices but after the first release is out support for other devices will begin, this will include file based media players (possibly – needs research), NJB devices and then devices from the iPod family.

Microsoft Zune Support

Zenses will include support for all models of the Microsoft Zune across either Linux, Mac OS X or Windows thanks to libmtp and its ability to read the Zune. There are issues with using libmtp with the Zune but luckily these headaches are only related to writing to the device, and as Zenses only needs to read the devices database it all works.

Release Date

The release date is still unknown as any number of issues could crop up at the last moment, I’m trying to make sure the first release of the new application is stable rather than being as unreliable as the current released versions. The first release will most likely only be for Linux and Mac OS X due to issues with libmtp on Windows, soon after support will be added for MTP devices on the Windows platform.

Operating System Support

Zenses v2 will run and fully function on Linux, Mac OS X as well as Windows Vista and XP.


At the moment the UI is pretty raw, so I will wait until v2 is abit more complete before releasing any.


Lets face it as you can tell from the design of my blog, design is not my strong point as such any help designing an icon and UI would be appreciated from anyone that can spare the time.

I know development is slow on this project at the moment, but the wait will be worth it.

I'll post the new version when it becomes available.
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