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I wonder what this is about
and I see that it's written in C++
too bad C++ is harder to learn than C, I tried C++ and gave up then tried C and found it easier
I see some interesting stuff in here
like libraries, something about mouse, an ftp server, what would that be used for?
infact, all this seemed interesting to me
Usage: mcfg <CS> <Setup> <PulseWidth> <Hold> : to set Cycle for CS[0~3]
or mcfg 4 <RCD> <RP> : to set RCD & RP for SDRAM
or mcfg ? : print this message
or mcfg <0~4> <value> : to set immediately for each memory
or mcfg <0~4> : to view current settings
Usage: log <Command>
log d <value> <directprint>: set debug control register.
log c : clear log.
log : view last log list.
log <line#> : view last log list upto <number> of lines.
log <start#> <line#> : view log list from <start#> with <line#> lines.
log s <string> : search <string> in entire log list.
log s <string> <num> : search <string> of each <num> in entire log list.
log s <string> <start#> <num>: search <string> of each <num> in log list from <start#>.
Usage: mx <Command> <channel>
mx s <channel> : enable or disable measuring channel.
<channel> = bitmap of channel. (1=enable/0=disable)
mx c : clear all channel statistics.
mx c <channel> : clear channel statistics.
mx <channel> : view channel statistics.
Usage: time [hour]:[minute]:[second] a
time [hour]:[minute]:[second] w
time a : get alarm time
a : set alarm
w : set wake-up
Usage: wr <addr> <value_list>
<value_list> : list of hex-decimal value with 4 bytes unit.
maybe skip by '.' character
ex) wr 0xf3000000 0x800ff010 ..... 0xdffefcf4
Usage: tst <number>
<number> : 1 = infinite loop for measuring Freq-Current graph.
<number> : 2 = infinite loop for change system clocks.
<number> : 3 = File System Test.
<number> : 4 = File System Speed Test.
<number> : 5 = DAI mode toggle.
<number> : 6 = File Delete/Open.
<number> : 7 = clk mode toggle.
<number> : 8 = sdram test, argument = [start address] [size].
Usage: dir <directory>
list entries of current directory
Usage: cmp <file1> <file2>
cmp <file1> <file2> <num>
Usage: hex <file> <start> <size>
hex e <file> <start> <byte0> <byte1> ...
Usage: rmdir [i] <directory>
delete directory with name or index([i] option needed)
Usage: prop [i] <filename | index>
display file property with filename or index([i] option needed)
Usage: dsk <cmd> <drvno> <lba> <num> <filename>
<cmd> : m = mount, u = unmount, r = read, w = write
<drvno> : starts from 0
<lba> : block address to read/write
<num> : number of block to read/write
<filename> : file name to save(set) data from(to) device
Usage: scmd <cmd> <cmd_arg_list>
<cmd> : fwdn = firmware download
<cmd> : dn = send test data to specific port. <port> <cmd> <size>
(port2, cmd0 for down testing)
<cmd> : up = receive data from specific port. <port> <cmd> <size>
(port0, cmd0 for up testing)
size has 0x10000 byte of unit.
<cmd> : dir, cd, send, rcv = filesystem manipulation commands
Usage: pp <y/cb/cr> <a> <b>
Y = a * (y - 128) + b
Cb = a * (cb - 128) + b
Cr = a * (cr - 128) + b
Usage: score <n1> <n2>
<n1> = 1 : open sub-core
<n1> = 2 : call sub-core (test message displayed)
<n1> = 3 : close sub-core
<n1> = 4 : toggle audio play mode (main/sub)
<n1> <n2> : call sub-core to calculate <n1>*<n2>
Usage: nw <size> <count>
< size> : Please write NandSize
< count> : Please write count
<repeat count> : Please write repeat count
Usage: nr <size> <count>
< size> : Please write NandSize
< count> : Please write count
<repeat count> : Please write repeat count
Please Put data ....
Usage: lcd 0xXXXX
Gamma : 0x00XX
Contrast : 0x02XX
Brightness : 0x05XX

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