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Yes and No. You can search for songs - just no ones made a theme/program for it. Over at iaudiophile (maybe here don't know?). There is a flash program to make playlist - not claw's one. In it, you can search songs at the search is bascially instant - as if all the files had been indexed (e.g. vista saerch, searching in a mac etc). So yes you can search but in that program, you can only, then, add the songs to a playlist. Essentially, if someone bothered, they could make a search but i guess people like Claw ( ) haven't thought about it or it isn't worth it.

Zash try requsting the feature, you never know someone might do it. ( I don't know a lot oabout flash and am very busy at the moment so wouldn't be able to do it + if someone like Claw (or some of the other amazing UCI-making people) made it, it'd probablly be a thousand times better )

EDIT: here's the link for the playlist program:

EDIT(2): Turns out someone is/has developing/ed a search programs:

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