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Originally Posted by Leroy Bad View Post
What you experienced was a common glitch when adding too many files at once.
And the D2 will always be limited by its total storage capacity regardless of how many folders you have on it.
I don't that's true in my case. Like I say, I reduced the number of folders to 399 and the directory read perfectly. When I added two more folders with very few files, the reading of the directory immediately had problems. I reduced the folders to just under 400 again, and the problems disappeared.

I should add that the number of files is well under 4000, so that isn't a problem.

Cowon advertises the D2+ as being able to hold 4000 files and 500 folders. My unit is actually a D2 running D2+ software (2.11), but I don't think that should make any difference since the hardware is basically the same.
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