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Originally Posted by ringo360 View Post
hello, i have been doing alot of shopping for my perfect mp3 player and the q5w seems to do everything that i want. would you reccomend it to me? these are my requirements for my portable player:

music, photo, vidoe cability

fm radio would be nice, but not required

WIRELESS my player must be able to surf the internet

at least 16 gig

games feature would be nice

touch screen!

i would also like a camera but i know that a q5w does not have one, i have decided to cut my losses there though

if you know a better player than the q5w that supports these features please post, if not would you say that this player is right for me?
Would i recommend it? depends on the price. not at the price it's available for in Australia.

Music, photo, video - it plays all great. Nice that it handles a wider than average range of photo formats. File navigation is largely file based, it will display tag information such as author of songs, but you can't search or list music by author, only filename & directory.

FM radio works fine.

Wirless works fine. I use nPop (3rd party app) to check email, it's basic but works. Browsing using IE is fine. Wifi uses battery, I'd get about 2 hours total if using Wifi from a full charge.

At least 16gig ? well you can't go wrong here, mine has 80. nice having the space. You can plugin USB thumb drives etc to use too.

I haven't played any games on it.

Touch screen is good and very functional. I wish they had tactile buttons for prev/next song navigation though. That would be easier for when driving.

I use the USB in it together with a card reader to backup and view images from my Canon DSLR.

If the large screen is important to you (it was to me, for showing photo's) then Q5W is ok, but it's expensive for what it is WRT everything else. A D2 would be better if focusing more on music. I chose against Archos due to file format compatibility, cost for extras, and I can't remember what else.

I have been happy with my Q5W and hope it lasts a while yet.

Some netbooks are cheaper and have more functionality but they are more bulky. Some MP3 palyers are cheaper and better for playing MP3 but don't have the large screen, USB host, etc.

They could do a lot more with it if they upgraded the firmware substantially, but looks like they won't.
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