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Originally Posted by Malik View Post
Well, my battery seems to have been drastically cut down to about 6-8 hours from the ~15 I was getting from it. All my files are ogg vorbis (aotuv) -q 6 (192kbps). The current battery level is 75%, and RB says it has about 3.5 hours left. I still need to run a battery bench on it...I'll post the results here once completed.
The battery estimation is meaningless for the Fuze. That won't be calibrated until the MMU is enabled and all clocks are fixed, since the exact rate of depletion of the battery changes almost day to day between builds right now.

Originally Posted by Malik View Post
I do use the default rockbox .wps; I like the simplicity of it. I'm not sure how much juice the Peak Meters draw, but either way - they're useless to me. I went into the .wps to remove the %pm tag, but it says something along the lines of "This is a dummy file which only resets the wps to rockbox default.",
The default theme in rockbox is actually Cabbiev2. It sounds like you're editing the wrong file.
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