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Originally Posted by funman View Post
The FS#10048 shouldn't fix the bug that makes Clip stops during playback (in fact it doesn't :P ), for now I suppose it's a problem with the small memory (2MB) because I don't see it on Fuze or e200v2 which have 8MB. If some of you guys own a m200v4 as well, it would be nice to test rockbox on it to see if it has the same problem than Clip (the m200v4 has 2MB of memory also).

I didn't post in the m200 forum since there is no rockbox thread, and it can be confusing with the 4 hardware revisions
It looks like I have a V4 M240, one of the buttons is bad, so I wouldn't experimenting with it. Can I get files somewhere, I have no means of compiling them myself.
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