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Media Monkey has so many features, I need to learn more about.

I had ripped my CD's (to FLAC) and tagged from the web. I also added Album Art. One of the settings checked was "Apply Album Art to tags". So the album art was now already embedded in my FLAC source files. So, this was causing the problem with the ogg files.

I just ripped another CD (U2 Joshua Tree) and didn't add Album Art. I then used the following processes:

1) Used the Auto Sync to S3 from Media Monkey to sync from FLAC file to the device as ogg @ 320

Result= File converted as 320 ogg and plays back on the S3 great!

2) Copied another track from FLAC to ogg and stored on my hard drive. I used the Windows explorer method to copy from hard drive to S3.

Result= File converted as 320 ogg and plays back on the S3 great!

So my next step is either:

1) Figure out how to convert with the files to ogg without the embedded album art


2) Just use MP3 @320 instead.

Thanks for your help.

p.s. I just saw a French movie a few weeks ago- OSS117:Cairo Nest of Spies- Funniest movie i've seen in a long time!
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