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Originally Posted by thewindsurfguy View Post
Alright, so I got my P2 last summer, and it's worked flawlessly with both of my PCs since then, my laptop running Vista Premium that came with it, and my desktop running a pirated Vista Ultimate...however a while laptop was slowing down and i decided to start clean and just wipe it and install the pirated Vista onto it. Some time soon after that, my P2 stopped being recognized by my laptop. Whenever I plug it in, Vista begins the auto-search for a driver, then says "drivers failed to install for MTP device" in a popup. I can't access anything on it, and I'm grounded from my desktop. Besides, I like being able to put music onto it on the go...and all my music is on my laptop. I even tried it at a friends house and was able to perfectly sync music to it with his computer (running the same pirated Vista copy-I got it from him) is there any way I can fix this? I tampered around with the settings in Device Manager but nothing there is helping. This is depressing because I don't want to be stuck using my iPod Touch...I like it but the inferior sound quality and lack of bluetooth (i have nice, loud portable b/t speakers) is really not going to keep me happy. I want my P2 for music...any way you can help me out??? Or am i just F****ed?
Method 1
open control panel> >>hardware>>>device manager

Plug P2 in after u open device manager

Run emodio in Admin mode

Try different USB slots on ur comp...
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