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Originally Posted by BXCracer View Post
Anyone gets disk corruption randomly ? From time to time my ubuntu shows that the file system on my clip is read-only and only formating helps
That happened once, after I was doing a lot of experimenting, it hasn't happened again, so I can't point to anything specific as a cause.

Even with the latest build, I'm having trouble with playback, if I skip tracks forward or back, playback will stop about 30 seconds later and I have to power off/on to get the clip to play again, it's happened with MP3 VBR, MP3 320kbps, Ogg and, if I remember correctly, FLAC. If I just choose an album and let it play straight through it's fine. Is anyone NOT seeing the same issue? If so, what file type and bit rate are you using? I'll re-encode to [almost] anything to get skip track and playback working.
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