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Originally Posted by Bolo_Grubb View Post
We already own all the Harry Potter books on CD and enjoy listening to these while on long drives (we often drive to Vacation destinations).

I would like to rip these to MP3 files to play on my wife's Sanza Fuze MP3 player. They take up alot of room if I just use windows media player to rip them. The Fuze take a micro SD card, so it would be handy if we can compress the books a bit and put them all on one micro SD card.

I have tried CDex and ripped them 48kbps and the quality is ok, but not great. The other problem with this method is the use of the database that CDex uses to name the tracks.

Also it seems to start over wsith the track numbering once it hits 255. Even when I make sure it is set to ID3 tags ver. 2

ANother problem we have with this is that no matter what we do it sees some of the tracks as music instead of audiobooks.

So I am looking for suggestions.

Is there a software package that will rip each CD as 1 track?

What does anyone else do?
CDEX is a good program for this. I personally use dbPoweramp but it's just what I'm used to. If I'd tried CDEX first I'd probably be using it.

One of the features of CDEX that's really nice (and that dbPowerAmp doesn't have) is the ability to create a single file from the entire CD. Having fewer files to deal with makes life much easier on the player. You can then combine those into an even larger single file using the freeware MP3 Merger.

I generally make a single file of books up to about 12 hours and if the book is longer than that I'll break it up into 2 or more 8 hour files. No particular reason for these numbers. It's just what I'm used to doing. I once looked up in the MP3 standard how long a file a player should be able to handle to meet the standard. I can't remember if it said 13 or 15 or 18 hours but it was something like that, so I just play it safe and don't let it go much over 12. I could look it up again but I'm lazy.

The Sansa Fuze (and most other modern players) handle files of that length very nicely and it really makes it a lot easier. If you do lose your place the Fuze accellerates when you fast forward or rewind so getting back to where you were is trivial as long as you have some idea where you were. With that in mind I make a mental note of the time into the file every time I start listening, and usually a few times as I listen.

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