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Default Looking for player with good WMP support

Hello. I've had iPods in the past, and I currently own a Zune which I'm looking to get rid of. I have decided that the feature that I want the most out of a player is being able to transfer my many intricate playlists from my computer. Obviously most players do this, but I don't want to use a separate, memory-hogging program to do this. I maintain my music library in WMP11. Basically, I am not interested in a player where I have to maintain two separate libraries in two different programs.

Also, I'm not simply looking for a player that WMP recognizes as portable device, I'd like a player that I can actually transfer the playlists I've made within WMP to the device, and have them be recognized/function as playlists on the player. I'd prefer it to not be one of those bulky portable media players; I need something pocket-friendly. However, if that's all that's on the market, then so be it.

If there's no such thing as a player with this kind of awesome WMP support, my second option would be for a player that supports manually-made/-transferred playlists (don't know if I'm expressing this right), so that I could just save my WMP playlists in a different format, then transfer it to the device.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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WMP will transfer playlists to the Creative Zen (and, I assume, the newer X-fi). The Zen uses a different playlist format, but WMP -- or the Zen, I'm not sure which -- does the translation without user intervention.

However, at some point I stopped being able to *update* playlists on the Zen, so it really killed this feature. Instead I have to format the Zen and do a fresh sync. My best guess is there was a WMP update that broke it.

So if you revise playlists frequently and have a larger memory Zen -- I can't recommend it. But yes, they transfer just fine the first time.
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Of the 30 or so players I've tried ONLY the Zunes and the iPods insist on their own software. Any recent Samsung, Cowon, iriver, Sansa, Coby, Philips, Memorex, whatever, will work with WMP.

Playlists is another thing. Not all players handle playlists well. Of those that do they may or may not handle WMP playlists.

So it was a good question to ask. You may want to wait for an answer from a WMP playlist user.
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I don't personally use WMP but my wife owns both a Clip and a Sansa e250 and uses WMP for her library and to create playlists. My mom has a Sansa m240 and does the same. My sister has a Fuze and WMP is her library/playlist maker.

They all say it is easier for them and none have complained about any problems creating or saving playlists. Seems as if Sansa plays well with WMP.
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I bet there are plenty of players that can do this. Start with anything that supports MTP. From personal experience, I can vouch for the Sansa Clip and TrekStor vibez (discontinued) as supporting the kind of playlist transfer you're looking for.
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With the exception of the iPod and the Zune, almost any player out today works w/WMP. And they all are SUPPOSED to work fine w/playlists as well w/it.
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