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Originally Posted by Blahaha View Post
I have a stupid FLAC really any better than a higher bitrate (250ish+) MP3?

Is anyone really going to be able to hear a difference and is there any reason to not just convert everything to MP3?
Well MP3 encoding has come a long way since its earlier incarnations (Xing, Bladeenc, Tompeg etc). The latest Lame 3.98 brings the best level of transparecy today and apparently passes alot of those blind test. However its not a perfect technology. From my own experience there are still somethings out there that cannot be encoded %100 properly in MP3 ie. isn't totally transparent; (Time Out by The Dave Bruebeck Quartet or Mission to Mars Soundtrack as examples). But unless you have a really good sound system or are a analytical listener, or a picky person you may not notice the very tiny discrepancies that MP3 still has.

Also keeping into account that disk space these days is cheap. 320GB hard drives are pretty much the normal bundles with desktop computers these days, and external storage of about 500GB is becoming easier to find around $100 or less, That is more than enough storage to store a large collection of music in flac.
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