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Default Earphones that can handle a p2?

Im not really sure what it is, But every earphone i seem to try with the p2. they somehow start to turn shitty and go static in the left earpeice. Happened to the stock earphones. and i baught some sennheiser mx-460 over the weekend and now i can hear it slightly in the left ear and feel its going to get worse.

i dont really know what it is, is the p2 putting out more power than the earphones can handle?. I thaught maby its my equalizer settings. im using the emodio recommended rock settings. which are pretty good. does anyone have any idea whats going on with this?
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If the senn's were purchased new, you should rma them. Either you are pulling the left earpeice differently or there could be some type of short in the 3.5mm jack on the player that's causing it, how old is the p2?

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The P2 is known to have problems with it's earphone jack. If EVERY headphone you've tried has the same problem then the problem is with your P2's jack. If you're still under warranty then give Samsung a call.
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get a pair of KOSS, very good earphones and the warranty is lifetime and if it's your p2 then find a tutorial to fix it
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I am using the monster turnbine earbuds, mega bass and extremely clean and thick sounding. They were like 150 bucks, but they put some high end audio technica models and senns to shame. None of them have the bass these bad boys do, make the Bose buds sound like crap. The only better quality ive ever heard was Sonys top model right now, I forgot what they are called, and Monsters over the ears for like 299.99

Shures 299 and 499.99 earbuds do not sound as nice as these Monster Turbines. Dont waste your money
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I think Instant Coffee got himself an S3 and some cx300 IIs now.
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Default RE: P2 Headphones

I use the Nuforce NE-7M headphones. They sound great!
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For earbuds, try the Creative EP-830's. Some of the most amazing earbuds I have heard for under $100. Quality build, extremely comfortable, highs are crisp, rich deep bass, excellent noise won't be disappointed.
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