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Default Is this finally it?

After 3 years with my S30 its had an up and down relationship with me. It regularly messed up or didnt do things the way I wanted, I've had to open it up to plug the HDD back in so many times i count count them. I've installed rockbox on it and things seemed to be going kinda good. But now, after 3.5 long years in my service, I think its dead.

Last night i had it plugged in to the AC charger and everything seemed fine. I left it to charge overnight and today as i was on my way home on the train i tried to switch it on, - empty battery apparently, and so i thought that was a bit weird, but then my S30 liked doing weird things every so often so i thought i'd just charge it again when i got home. However nothing happened when i plugged it into the AC, it didnt turn on at all, if i pressed the on button it simply gave me the empty battery screen. Ive unpluged and replugged both the batery and the HDD but still no improvement.

Is there anything i can do to get the little guy to soldier on for a bit longer until i decide between the zune HD and the Sony X-1000?
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