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Old 05-21-2009, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Theseus View Post
For those that have used it, is WMP 12 less of a resource hog than the Zune software? It incorporates internet radio, like Slacker or Shoutcast? Nice!

Why Microsoft doesn't just incorporate the Zune software into WMP 12, I'll never know. Maybe then, you could get internet radio on the Zune player as well. It's a typical MS move to have oddball competing media player platforms for different market segments. Why make things simple and streamlined when they can be complicated and perplexing, right?
The Zune does integrate with Windows Media Center- so you could use Media Center. I imagine you could could make a "Radio" folder as well:
Did you know that you can watch recorded TV shows on your Zune?
Hi, I知 Mike Seamons with the Windows Media Center team and I知 going to show you how to share your recorded TV, videos, music, and pictures between your Zune and Windows Media Center.
And for those of you with another portable media player, like an iPod, I値l show you how to share content from that device with Windows Media Center too.
Let痴 start by syncing your Zune with your Recorded TV. Click Start, type Zune in the search box, and then click the Zune program. In the Zune program, click Settings, Software, and then Collection.
By default, both Zune and Windows Media Center monitor the same folders for your music, pictures, and videos. But if you want Recorded TV, you'll need to add it to your Zune library. To do this, go to Videos, and click Add folder. Then select Recorded TV.
When this is finished, you can see that Recorded TV now shows up in your monitored folders. Keep in mind that only unprotected, standard definition TV shows will appear in your collection.
In addition to syncing recorded TV from Windows Media Center to your Zune, you can also download music and videos from Zune Marketplace that you can enjoy in Windows Media Center. Just download the songs or videos that you want, and they will show up in both your Zune Collection and Windows Media Center.
Now when you sync your Zune, your recorded TV shows will sync, and all of your music, pictures, and videos will be shared between your Zune and Windows Media Center. Now remember, if you have a lot of content, it might take a while to sync.
If you're using other third-party media programs like iTunes and an iPod, you can still sync your music and other content with Windows Media Center.
First, make sure all of your music files are converted to the MP3 file format.
And then, just like I showed you with the Zune, you値l need to add the same music and other media content folders that Windows Media Center monitors.
So once you致e updated the file formats and locations, all your music, pictures, and videos will be shared between your portable player and Windows Media Center.
To learn more about what you can do with Windows Media Center, visit
"Some Internet radio partner programs are only available through subscription. The availability of this service and selection of partners that appears in More Music + Radio will vary by country/region.
1. On the start screen, scroll to Online Media, and then click program library.
2. Click Music & Radio, and then click More Music + Radio to see a list of Internet radio partners that are available.
3. Click the online radio station."
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