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Old 05-19-2009, 04:52 PM
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Default Zune mp4 metadata, help make an automated program

I used a program called AtomicParsley which can read & tag the metadata info on mp4/m4v files. The hope from this thread is to gain insight to the way metadata is used on the zune, so one day a program that can automate (from imdb or whatever) tagging like the many ones for the iPod. Here are my findings so far:

In the Zune Program it is tagged thus:

Category: Series
Series Title: Futurama
Season: 4
Episode title: Where No Fan Has Gone Before
Episode: 11
Release Date: Unknown Date
Genre: Comedy
Description: The comedy antics of the Planet Express Delivery Company.

Note: It appears that the newest Zune program (3.1) no longer writes tags to the actual files, but it still reads them if present.

the --metaDump line for Atomic Parsley dumps all 'moov.udta' metadata to a .raw file:

#Yudta nmeta hdlr mdir Bilst nam #data # Futurama #gnre #data : #Xtra W #WM/SubTitle # @ #W h e r e N o F a n H a s G o n e B e f o r e + #WM/WMRVEncodeTime # # #'[@@ 8 #WM/MediaClassPrimaryID # # H0۳:O7#_K : #WM/MediaClassSecondaryID # # H%bG#FQ* # % #WM/SeasonNumber #
## & #WM/EpisodeNumber #
## #WM/SubTitleDescription # z #T h e c o m e d y a n t i c s o f t h e P l a n e t E x p r e s s D e l i v e r y C o m p a n y .

Interpreting the metadata:

Genre and Series Title are linked with iTunes tags gnre and cnam respectively according to atomic parsley.

WM/SubTitleDescription =>Description
WM/SubTitle => Episode title
WM/SeasonNumber likely equates to Season
WM/EpisodeNumber likely equates to Episode
WM/MediaClassPrimaryID and WM/MediaClassSecondaryID are probably some hex values used by the Zune program
WM/WMRVEncodeTime is either some tag no one really cares about, or the length of the movie. I think it is the length of the movie because when a --metaEnema is used, the zune software displays a 0:00 under length (still plays correctly though)

The next step is probably to either look at the raw file with a hex editor and peek at the source code of atomic parsley.

If you want the .raw file, PM me. If you want the actual movie file, i can't do that. Any input on what to do would be nice.
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