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Default P7 Audio out-of-Sync in Videos!

I'm so disappointed. After copying 16gb worth of videos to a microSDHC card I was looking forward to the big screen view of my P7. Yet no matter which format plays (MP4, WMV, AVI) the audio is so far out-of-sync with video play that the movies become unwatchable. I'm not talking just a second or two. The lag is as much as a full scene off. Videos played on the internal memory are only off a tiny bit, but still off. My MicroSD card is class 6.

Anyone else noticed this problem?
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Indeed I did, though I had not used the expandable micro-SD slot yet. Does it integrate with the main library?

Anyway, the audio sync issues happened on some music vids I downloaded...all encoded in DiVX / Xvid. I just copied it into the P7 using explorer - nothing fancy. They played OK without transcoding, except for the audio sync issues.

I then tried to convert the videos using the Plus3 software....but the darn converter doesn't work! Just sort of start a bit before returning to doing absolutely nothing?? That's a sad state of affairs, man. I was using the video converter software for my Cowon S9 and it worked like a charm, converting all kinds of video formats into something the S9 can handle. Pretty quick in converting, too - at least on a duo core PC.

And yeah, I also upgraded the P7's firmware to the latest, ver 1.15.

OK, here's a temporary workaround that sorta worked: I used the video converter provided with the Cowon S9. I selected the S9/O2 profile and the converted files seemed to play fine on the P7. I just drag and dropped the files into the video folder in the P7 - apparently the Plus3 software can't even transfer the files LOL. The Cowon converter seemed to be fairly bulletproof so far...even transcoded some mkv files without a sweat :thumbs up:

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this player uses the chinese rockchip 2706 processor (as its cheap!!) and is notorious for out of sync, you need to make sure your settings are not too high

keep video bitrates down to about 500-600kbps
keep audio to mp3 at 44100 and about 96kbps audio bitrate
best also to convert to screen resolution
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