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Originally Posted by Flamin_Spirit View Post
if you have the original CD's I would suggest re-ripping them to a lossless audio format (FLAC) then converting that to Quality 7 or so .OGG vorbis
Yep, I'll second that. In fact, that's exactly how I've been putting music on my D2+ since I bought it a few weeks ago! I use Exact Audio Copy to rip to FLAC, then convert to OGG at "q7", and copy the OGG to my D2+.

Macn00b, if you don't mind spending time re-ripping (assuming you have the original CDs), then this would give you better audio quality than transcoding from M4A/AAC to MP3. However, transcoding will probably be a lot quicker.

Actually, if you have any of the original CDs then you might want to do a comparison first - transcode (convert) some songs from M4A/AAC to MP3. Then listen to both the original M4A/AAC and the MP3, and see if you can hear whether the MP3 version sounds worse. (Any difference will be more noticeable if the bitrate of the M4A/AAC version was low.)

If you can't hear any difference (or you're not bothered by the drop in quality), then you may as well just stick to transcoding from M4A/AAC to MP3. But if you don't like the drop in quality, you'll need to re-rip those CDs as described above.

(Btw, since OGG gives superior quality to MP3 at the same bitrate, you could probably drop to encoding at "q6" or even "q5" - you probably wouldn't hear much difference in comparison with "q7", but you would save space as the files would be smaller.)
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