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As I promised I just tested my Zune120 using the component cables.

Bottom line..not any better than using the composite cables!

1. I added a movie, directly from the DVD, onto my Zune. So, I had the best quality .wmv file I could get.
2. I played it on the Zune and it looks super.
3. I connected it to my 42" HD TV using the composite cables and noted the quality; particularly the jagged edges.
4. Then I connected usng my component cables and compared the quality. I couldn't notice any difference at all!

I am sure the issue is that the image is highly compressed for the .wmv format we use on Zune, and when we display that image on a large screen TV we are going to get pixelation!

NOTE for those who don't know which cable is which:
a. Composite video uses the old 3-cable system (usually red/white/yellow). Only one of these carries the video signal--the other two carry the stereo audio.
b. Component video also uses three cables (red/blue/green) but all three carry the video signal; hence the improved video signal!

P.S. Apologies if I have missed some of the nuances that audiophiles understand, but I tried it keep it basic.
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