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Originally Posted by InstantCoffee View Post
Ok tomorrow i think im going to consider taking my p2 back. I thaught that maby if i got the Sennheiser MDR-460 the sound would improve quite a bit and they did just not in the way id expected. and also the p2 that i have skips songs half way through which i didnt think much of at first but now its starting to piss me off. i can tell you now that the samsung s3 had better sound quality than the p2. with the p2 you need to have about 5 different eq settings to suit each song. some songs play good. but then others like disturbed it just sounds so tinny and shit its annoying. and if u turn town the high pitch tunes with the eq that reduces it but just makes it sound funny. Everyone rates the p2 highly but im starting to think its all shit. maby the p2 just needs $100 earphones to actually make it sound better. The samsung s3 played everysong evenly and good. to make the p2 sound even remotly good is with eq, no band features like rock and stuff sound good on p2. infact they sound horrible. but on the s3 you simply click rock and your good to go. maby if i get these sennheisers on the s3 maby they sound even better. well if i do get a refund i might just get another s3. if not does anyone have a recommendation for a player of equal or possibly less value?. thinking about a q1 because it had dnse 3.0 but its really ugly. the only reason i dont get the p3 or q2 is that its not released in new zealand.
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