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I was in a very similar position and ended up going for a 4gb fuze (£48) + 16gb micro sdhc card (£32) = 20gb total (£80).

I came very close to buying the 32gb S9 but decided it just didn't make sense to me - the Fuze has plenty of positive reviews for sound quality, I prefer tactile over touch screen controls and I'll watch video at home or on a laptop.

The only downsides with the Fuze for me are the battery (not that it;s bad, just relative to the S9) and the proprietary usb socket (again not critical - just annoying not to be able to borrow one at work).

I've been very happy with the Fuze sound quality so far (all ripped as FLAC) compared to my previous players (Nano 2nd Gen & Sony NW-HD9) with Shure SE530 IEMs. For less than the price of the S9 32gb I could even try it amped with something like the XXS/Headsix.

If you're into video or touchscreens then the S9 looks amazing; if you're just bothered about music I suggest at least considering the Fuze (or buy one, try it and potentially eBay it - you'll probably only lose about £10!).



PS. my FLACs (at compression level 5) come in at 250mb-350mb/album - so about 50 albums on a 20gb player
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