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Originally Posted by InstantCoffee View Post
Hey, Ive recently upgrade from a samsung s3 to a p2. So far i think the p2 is amazing but the earphones that you get with them dont suit the p2 at all. im planning on getting the sony fantopia mdr-e828lp earphones because im on a budget and they are recommended by abi as good earphones for the price. comparing the s3 stock, and the p2 stock. the s3 all round has better sound quality. but if you have a high quality mp3 file the p2 will play it alot better. its just that the s3 plays all files fairly good. if you have a low bit rate song the p2 tends to play it really shity. So if i get these new earphones and compared the p2 to the s3 again would the p2 become better all round? im assuming it would with the p2 itself having better quality. what are your opinions on this?
Personally i Love the included headphones, i think they're great, the best package headphones i have ever had. Still, i upgraded to some sony MDR-EX90. These can get kinda pricey but i got mine from a chinese wholesale online store for less than $5 (They're not fake just factory reject with physical defects sound is not affected). These sound amazing with the P2, but you have to mess around with the EQ. From that same store i also got some shure E2C (also real, just not in the box). The bass on this is better than many over the ear headphones, although the overall sound sounds a bit altered. they also issolate sound really well, i use them on the bus and don't need to have the volume blasting. the site is by the way (beware: not all their stuff is real and shipping might take a while). I also used sony MDR-V150's they sound good but kinda uncomfortable after a while. best for movies! i'm now looking into some senheiser hd's. (the EX-90's have the most comfortable fit by the way)
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