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The positives of the P2 will be the same for most people. Where the P2 does things well, it generally outweighs the negatives eg sound quality. So far I don't see anything to add, but the cons, well that's another story, Hammy...

Can't use custom EQ with BTooth
Can't use the radio with BTooth
Touchscreen is still a tad laggy.
Not loud enough.
SMStudio is terrible.
Accessories? What accessories!?!
Aside from Suduko the available games are horrible.

I can live with the above cons BUT the negative that I'm not dealing with for the third and last time (as my warranty is expired) is DEADPHONE JACK.

I don't treat my players roughly, I don't lift it by the headphone cable. In fact, I have a Z5 that stills works perfectly. DPJ is clearly a result of terrible design or manufacturing quality. I have a friend who bought the P3 a few weeks ago and all I told him was I hope they fixed the DPJ problem. As good as the P3 sounds when I make my next purchase in the next month or two I'll probably switch to another brand.

It's too bad, cuz when the P2 works, it does it well.

Samsung should take a nod from Microsoft (RROD) and extend the warranty to cover DPJ only issues.
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