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I second foobar, if you're willing to do things a BIT MORE manual to get a LOT MORE done, that's it

Here's what i do: I have two copies of foobar (same version, just copied the damn folder), and i scripted both (yes foobar is fully scriptable, it's the mIRC of audio players)

Foobar1: my player , shows normal fields and stuff, thats it, access to all media by F4 (Album list, database feature)

Foobar2: TAGGER, using COLUMNS to show all fields that i edit, and color coding to quickly see fields missing (including REPLAYGAIN), customized quickaction scripts to wipe all tags, set all tags to the same thing, move all ARTISTS to the track name like #artist - name# and rename artist to VA, etc.

add all your unorganized/just downloaded/bought music on a "UNORG" folder and add it through your tagger, tag it the way you want, then use the "MOVE FILES" feature of foobar and do a small script (a one-liner) to format your new files using the tags and move them to a base directory (your ORGANIZED folder), this way your new 'organized/fully tagged files' are tagged and NAMED correctly , like /songs/red hot - bla bla [2009]/01 - A Song.ogg and you're done

oh, for the PMP part? use ALWAYSYNC to sync your /songs folder to your pmp drive, so this way you plug your pmp, push a button in alwaysync and it'll publish just what changed to the drive

this way you get all the benefits of a iTUNES-like interface [like you "plug and get your pmp updated"] and FULL control over the process and formats (foobar tags and plays everything) , no DRM crap, no proprietary interface, you know everything that's happenning under the hood, and the FOOBAR1 (your player, customized/themed to your liking) is WAAAY sexier than iTunes/Mediamonkey/Whatever

What do you think??

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