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Default JPG files showing in Rockbox, but not Windows Explorer


It would appear that Windows Media Player has taken it upon itself to create some .jpg files in my music folders. At least I believe WMP is the culprit. However I can only see these jpegs while file browsing in Rockbox. In Windows, I see no jpeg files. I made sure the 'show hidden and system files' option is set. I browsed with the command prompt also. No jpegs, but in Rockbox there they are. Does anyone know why that is.

The reason I want to know is because I want to delete them all in Windows, rather than in rockbox. My problem is one of them is called folder.jpg and with the latest rockbox build it is overriding my <album name>.jpg files and showing the incorrect album art.

Can anyone tell me why I can't see these files on my PC?

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I think for the album art files created by WMP you also need to allow showing system files.
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Yea, you need to enable the showing of hidden/system files.
Its under TOOLS > Folder options > View, Should be one of the check-boxes. The files are called something like: ".folder.jpg" or "._folder.jpg"
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I am still unable to see these jpg files in anything other than rockbox. I have enabled viewing hidden AND system files. They just don't show up. I don't think they are marked as hidden files because if I mark a file as hidden, it disappears from view and reappears when I enable viewing of hidden files.

I have even tried installing an alternative file manager called cubicExplorer, and it show the files either.

It's like these files only exist in rockbox land.
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Look more carefully in the Windows folder settings menu. Theres an option there that enables seeing files hidden by Windows Media player.
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