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Default What is this "Built in media converter" in the P7?

I saw something intriguing on the back of the P7. There's a sentence that says "With its built-in media converter, your favorite movie is ready whenever you are".

I've read through the manual and looked through the P7 product page on IRiver's website, but there's no mention of this feature. Does anyone know what the heck it means?
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When you put a video in that is larger than the screen size, it converts it to fit and show on the 480 x 272 screen. It does it on the fly. You don't have to resize movies on your PC first.
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Thanks for the explanation Olley. So it's a video resizer? Ah, the wonders of marketing speak

Anyway, I don't think it works very well. I played a 640x480 DVD rip and although the video can play, there were plenty of dropped frames and audio sync issues. It played ok later after I transcoded the file with an external program.
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