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mako, "good" is relative, some people say this player sounds awful, while others find it extremely good (cowon has been said ot produce the best sound quality on the market) the player itself has many settings you can fiddle with till the sound is right for you.

-BBE/BBE+ (this is the only difference between D2 and D2+ Firmware aside from version number and boot screens/themes/etc The players are virtually the same thing, hardware wise)
-Mach 3 Bass
-A 5 band EQ
-MP Enhance
-3D enhance
-Stereo Enhance

the player also has speed modifier (50%-150%) and pan (chose which side gets more sound, left or right)
Cowon iAudio D2 16gb (D2+ FW 2.11) + FiiO E5 + Head-Direct RE2s.
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