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Default How does the Samsung p2 compared with others?

Hey I currently have a samsung s3 which has been returned to the store and they are going to discuss what replacement im going to get and I really wanna get the Samsung p2 but 1 thing i want to know is. How does the p2 stand against other samsung mp3? is the sound quality better than the S3,Q1
etc? Pc world rates the s3 higher for performance which doesnt seem right although i did like the s3 with its sound i just thaught that the p2 would have better quality
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The P2 was one of ABI's top 5 players for 2008. It's touchscreen UI is efficient if not glossy. Media play is exceptional, and every player app is fairly evolved after a year of regular "Bluewave" updates. There are a few games to distract you. Bluetooth capability is unmatched, except from a couple other Samsung players. Sound quality? Listen to one. You should be satisfied.
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I have an idea, how about for each MP3 Player forum, we make an opinion thread and everyone can submit what they think about that player so we don't get threads like this?! If you go race ahead and do that I maybe would like some credit, that is if it hasn't been done.
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