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Smile Album art, Formatting and Playlists

First off, I would like to thank the people who originally posted concerning the apps Panasonic formatter and J.River. (Sorry- I don't remember who they are). These have been a great help in managing my D2 and making it exactly what I wanted for multimedia at my fingertips.

I am posting this to help others that have experienced the same problems I have with the above titled issues.
1. Album art was not showing
2. Couldn't build playlist
3. Once I started fooling around with the poor D2, it really needed to be reformatted. lol.

Installed and completely organized my music including Album art. (Note: needed to transfer files in small chunks. When I tried syncing and moving all together at the same time. I ended up with hundreds of songs, albums, artists all titled the exact same thing.) Hence the formatter.
When I was finished transferring my music, all the album art was showing up too!

Interesting, but wouldn't recognize my vids as playable, even tho they had already been on and played. So those I dragged and dropped. After a little testing it appears that the A/V syncing isn't a problem anymore (from the formatting?), but can't know for sure without further testing.

Lastly, I put together a gym playlist, which just would not show up. After reading here that it needs to be in MTP, I transferred the list again in that mode and there it was. I was concerned that it would only appear in MTP mode, but when I checked to see if it would show up in MSC mode it was right there. So - big note: Playlists need to be put on the D2 while in MTP, but seem to be able to be accesible in MSC.

That's all, sorry this is so long, I really hope this can help someone else out too!


p.s. when looking for your playlist go to the main music folder on the D2, where artist, album and genre appear too.

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I just have a cowon d2 for some weeks now. I tryed to get cover art on screen with my flac files. But wathever I did it dos'nt work. Can you help me with who and wath etc
Or do you know a site where i can find this info.
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I used J.river to link album art to all my music. While my music is in mp3 format, it does appear that this program supports flac, so I don't see why it wouldn't work for that. Try searching in advanced mode on this site. I was able to get a lot of help from previous posts here.

Good luck!
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album art, format, playlist

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