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the cowon s9 is a music player, the ipod touch is a communication centre. also wifi isnt that inportant in mp3s but bluetooth is
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I use bluetooth AND wifi with my touch using a bt adapter. Because of the ipod proprietary docking port and the popularity of the ipod, the BT adapter is one that slots into the player, gets its power form the touch, and has AVRCP compatability. Sure a bit more bulk and it drains the already weak battery, but the BT headphoens will die first anyways.

Wifi is actually more useful than you'd think. My main uses for it is the itunes wifi store and an internet radio app. A lot of people frown on the itunes music store, but over here the drm free alternatives arent worth it - i would need a computer, go to a site, find the music (they have maybe 1/10 of what itunes have), pay more than it costs on itunes, pay using my bank's little calculator code thingy since they dont allow for credits or storing data, download the file, UNZIP IT, retag it since its not tagged with album art, and transfer it. With wifi itunes i press the icon, search, preview, click buy and type my password. DRM is crap for sure, but im tired of fighting with devices that have features instead of a proper user experience. I tried staying away, but when i found music on itunes i'd been looking for for ages both legally and illegally with no luck whatsoever, i eventually just gave in.

It's a choice people have to take as there's currently nothing with the user experience of a touch that has the features of something like the S9. I'm not saying either choice is the best, it depends on the individual. If the rumours of the sony with wifi and access to amazon mp3 is true, then american and british people have that choice, we over here will still be stuck with it not being available outside big countries like usual.

Other uses for wifi:
If you have an iphone or a mic on the touch, you can use shazam which recognizes music tracks. If youre in the US, you have access to both pandora and's app store apps. There are apps for wifi control of things such as winamp, itunes, vlc player etc. Other services similar to pandora is also offering apps. It might seem uselss to people that only use their own music colelction, sure, but for the mainstream consumers these apps sell.
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I will say 1 thing, and all my posts reflect the same thing: wi-fi is a very useful feature on a dap, I really miss it as a distraction. It's 1 of the most enjoyable things to use when sitting in a McD's, or stuck in an airport. For all who'll argue the opposite, wi-fi is slowly being incorporated into newer players. Hasn't anyone really payed attention?

It may be "useless" to some, but they're prob the 1's who STILL yearn for their disposable battery powered cassette players. Meh, starting to show some people's age around here!!!
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i found a picture at, made by "ZipLePingouin".
it shows the size difference of the 2 screens.
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Genius math with that guy... 4:3 aspect ratio on the touch would be 480x360 pixels, while its actually 480x320.

Heres a pic showing the difference in RESOLUTION, with correct aspect ratios

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isnt the point of a pmp to play music and videos? you buy the itouch for way to much and get bad sound quality and have to replace it. or you buy the s9 and get the best portable sound quality ever and a basicaly indestructable screen. the s9 is smaller weighs less looks better has more codecs WAY better battery life and bluetooth. the wifi is not that great. get a psp and run 5.00m33-6 ;P wait for the newest aircrack. anyway instead of breaking an itouch and buying one that will come out next year (if we know apple) just go with the cowon. spend the extra money on bluetooth headphones. make sweet love to the amazing jeteffect 2.0 bbe+. this is abi.... is this a real debate?

btw STOP I.E.
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