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Originally Posted by Digital Man View Post
What's funny is that with the RE2's as soon as I plugged them in I was impressed. Then I hooked up the FiiO amp and wow!

As of now I probably only have 15 hours on them and I can't hear any real improvement (and yes I think burn in, with speakers/headphones at least, is a real phenomena). But there is no need for it, the combo is very nice.
Indeed. Speakers/phones, phono headshells for turntables and termionic valves are influenced by use and differ in the time needed for burn in. Some of them are ready to rock out of the box. Others will show what they're capable only after several hours of intensive use.

Amplifiers, cables, digital and analogue sources just don't burn in. That's a hifi myth that should be utterly disclosed... Some hifi traders, when the custumer isn't satisfied with the product, say that it should take time to burn in for at least 300 hours (the typical burn in time for dummies). Then, if the customer relies, the legal time to send back the item passes and the poor buyer gets to stick with something which does not appeal to him.

Sorry about my English... I'm a continental European.
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