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Lots of people suggesting Sansa Fuze, most saying to stay away from Samsung Q1....

I've been studying up on players like crazy the past two weeks and for me it boils down to getting a Fuze within the next few days.

I just don't see anything better for my needs...Q1 and other players have better video and things like Test To Speech but I don't need it, not sure if you do.

To be able to have a ton of pictures, a few music videos, couple movies, and tons of great sounding music for low money and small size is what I need and want.

Does any other player beat it?

I think Samsung quickly going to a Q2 answers the Fuze vs. Q1 debate.

Other things to think about is the touchpad everyone dislikes on the Q1 and extra stuff not needed that takes up space (subway map).

You can put together a 16gb Fuze for $105 or less. About $150 for 16gb Q1...
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