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Default just got a d2, some questions

So I just got a brand new D2, and i put the v3.59 firmware on it, and loaded the OLED 3 Rework theme, and the OLED Flash UI (horizontal), both by Cassini.

1. On the bottom, it displays the song name, artist, and title. Now, any words in Korean aren't shown, but they are shown properly with the flash UI disengaged. I really can't think of anything that would mess that up, and its been bugging me.

2. Is there anyway for the player to remember Jet Effect settings for specific songs, or albums? Some songs sound a lot better with the Equalizer set on Pop, for example, and others on Rock, but I don't want to go around changing it every single time another song comes up.

3. Under Utilities, there is an option called Flash. What does that do, exactly? If i click on that, there are no options afterward.

4. Are there homebrew programs for the D2 that you can add onto it?
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3. (this also goes along with 4) Flash under the utilities menu is the D2's Flash player (example of a .swf animation I don't know the exact mechanics (IE: is a touch/tap a click?) some people have made a few cool widgets and games for the flash player. to use it, put flash files (swf) into the FLASH folder on your D2

I don't know about any total conversion type mods except for rockbox, but I'm not familiar with it...

2. I don't think so, most people listen to generally the same kinds of music, or a close enough genre that their settings work well for all songs, so I'm not sure if it's been explored...

1. Maybe the flash UI doesn't support it? I don't know, I use D2+ 2.02 FW, so no flash skins for me!
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the flash folder is for flash games and apps. you can download them if you search around on abi, or if you go to this also answers your last question, the flash apps are kinda like homebrew...
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