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All SD cards are pretty much the same, though MicroSD cards need an adapter to make them fit in the normal SD slot. Since a Micro SD card witht eh same capacity costs more than a normal SD card at that capacity I suggest the normal kind.

You'll most likely find external Memory doesn't really impact the battery life of the player too much. with the D2s excellent rated battery life I don't think it's a big deal...

All SD cards are pretty much made the same, though some companies have lower QA (Quality Assurance) standards than others, you shouldn't really be worrying about the battery life impact of the card so much as the quality and/or price of the card itself. I've never had a problem with a SanDisk card. then again I've never used a HC card before, and won't get one until all but 1 or 2 gigs of my D2 are full.

The only real reccommendation I have is to farmat the card using Panasonic's SD card formatter ( this will speed up your boot time when using a card. some people went from around 20 dots on the load screen (2 times through the 10 dot "loading bar") to just 6 dots. Remember to format wiht this, then to load the content. People are also reccommending that you use the same folder structure on the card as is already in the D2
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